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🍁 FORSAGE End-of-September Digest

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Information about current and past events happening in Forsage. The latest updates in development, community, functionality of the platform and other useful info to keep you up to date with the current situation.
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A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual asset that is secured by cryptography, which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. Many cryptocurrencies are decentralized networks based on the blockchain technology.
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Everything you need to know about ways to grow your Forsage network effectively. Best tools, materials and promotion techniques to get active partners in your structure. Online and offline promotion mechanics explained.

Cheers to everyone who shares FORSAGE values. We're back with a recap of key news from our community and the crypto industry as a whole. 

▬ Due to requests from members, the FORSAGE video marathon has been extended until October 20.

▬ China vs. mining: rates fluctuate, miners lose money

▬ New milestones: the community already has more than 1.6 million participants, and their total result exceeds $2.4 billion.

⏲️ You have extra time: video marathon extended until October 20

We have received multiple requests to prolong the video marathon. Many of you commented that you didn't discover the event right away, so you didn't have time to prepare and come up with a script for the video. Others have asked for the opportunity to re-shoot and reload the video to improve the image and sound quality. This contest is a new experience for our community, so we decided to take you up on the challenge. 

Submissions are now open until October 20. You have almost a month to think up, shoot, edit and upload your video. 

As of today, 55 people have participated in the marathon. They have uploaded 117 videos and reaped a whopping 46,396 views, 11,160 comments and 7,810 likes.

By participating in the marathon, you are not only competing for prizes, but also learning to create video content that will eventually help you spread the word about FORSAGE to more people. So even if you don't win, you'll get something more valuable — useful skills that will always work for you.

Get involved if you haven't done it already! 

The marathon webpage  

Updated participation rules 

Best moments from the participants' videos 

⛏️ Mining in crisis

The mining industry is going through a difficult time due to the latest activity of regulators in China. Back in May, a ban was imposed on cryptocurrency transactions, and in July the legal power supply to major mining facilities was terminated.This week, a ban on cryptocurrency exchanges, including foreign ones providing services to Chinese citizens, went into effect.  As a result, we are seeing a migration of large mining projects away from the country and " turmoil" in the industry as a whole. Those who made their first steps in the crypto world through mining, trading or cryptocurrency holding are now experiencing significant losses. 

FORSAGE participants observe the situation as outsiders and do not experience the impact of these events. Their outcome does not depend on the actions of regulators or the market situation. Their success depends entirely on their personal efforts and the effectiveness of their team. This is the advantage of FORSAGE as a starting point for discovering the world of cryptocurrency. You don't need to invest, buy equipment or monitor exchange rates. Develop your structure by inviting new members and succeed.

🦸 New milestones

Our community continues to grow and hit new heights. Today, we are already over 1.6 million people, and our total result is over $2.4 billion! You have managed to achieve this:

  • without any special education;
  • completely remotely;
  • with no large advertising budgets;
  • without centralized community management.

So how did these incredible results become possible? Quite simply. Each of you joined because someone told you about FORSAGE. You became involved, and then you shared valuable information with someone else. FORSAGE remains decentralized and evolves entirely through the personal activism of its participants. The authors of the idea continue to inspire community members through contests, such as a video marathon, and provide them with tools, including the community website, the Academy, podcasts, telegram bots, and more. However, you are the one who determines what the future of FORSAGE will be. Keep up the good work and continue to spread the word about FORSAGE! 

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