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💬 "Best thing I've seen lately" — FORSAGE participants share their testimonials

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Everything you need to know about ways to grow your Forsage network effectively. Best tools, materials and promotion techniques to get active partners in your structure. Online and offline promotion mechanics explained.

💎 ⛏️ Has it ever happened to you that you found something amazing and wanted to share your discovery with the entire world?

That's exactly the feeling you experience when you get your first results. Many FORSAGE participants rush to post testimonials about FORSAGE on third-party websites, where users share their experiences with online platforms. Here are some real-life testimonials from participants from different countries.

"I quit twice" — a candid story by Lena Melnyk  

“The first thing that drew my attention to Forsage is that it is decentralized, that is, there is no administration, everything is transparent and public between users. But let me tell you the truth, nothing will happen all at once, and a lot of money won't appear out of thin air. I, personally, took a long time to study and analyze the market to earn my first money. You can't get any profit without an understanding, a knowledge, and a grasp of the idea. I quit twice, but thanks to my friend, I got back to Forsage, and with this new knowledge I earned my first money on the platform. This is extremely motivating, even today I am still learning something new about the cryptocurrency world, because every day brings something new and exciting. Forsage gives such an opportunity, but again, it all depends on you.”

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"The hardest part will be the first month" — tips for beginners from Feliks 

“Best I've seen lately. 

Positive Review 


  • Instant payouts 
  • Cool marketing 
  • A lot of educational content 

I have never written reviews before, but after reading the reviews here I decided to write one. I am surprised that people who enter this project to earn money, a decent amount of it, can’t devote literally an hour to learn how the project works. These days the cryptocurrency is trending, and the advantage that I found here for myself is not only earnings, but also training. There is, by the way, an academy from Forsage where all the lessons and articles are in Russian and for free.

I have been earning here for about 7 months now, and I’ve never had any complaints about the project. The hardest part will be the first month, but then you start to understand how this "kitchen" works, and then you'll wake up at night from the notifications telling you that you get payments. So before you criticize something, you need to understand it. I wish everybody a lot of good earnings on Forsage.”

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"29 partners and $15,000 profit" - the path to success of HostileUA 

You need to figure it out before jumping to conclusions! 

Positive review 


  • Transparent marketing
  • Has been running for over a year with constant progress
  • Security is ensured by smart contracts in the blockchain network
  • Online support 24/7 and many training resources 


  • It is for people who are willing to put effort first and then reap the benefits — not for passive investors 

Good afternoon, I will speak as a member of the Forsage community for more than half a year. I'm developing a team in a TRX contract. 29 direct partners, ~15k USD profit. And that's no big deal as compared to really active teams. Let's distinguish between two types of people, because they are the ones who form both the right and the distorted view of Forsage. The first type of people think it is an investment project where you can get passive income, so they enter, buy levels, and get disappointed. Then this type of people form the opinion in the DeFi community that Forsage is scamming people. All this negativity is not based on any real facts, and only comes from the fact that many people cannot even open a basic marketing plan to check it for themselves. Therefore, without action and promotion, Forsage will bring little profit. Forsage is for the second type of people who can figure out how to run their business.

The community is over a year old, during that time a huge number of supporting resources like the Academy, the Community website, and many others have been launched. They're designed to explain the basics of community rules and development, literally step-by-step. Don't forget that everything functions on smart contracts in blockchain networks — you can interact with the contract directly in manual mode, as well as through the website. It's very different when compared to the dozens of "investment" projects or "one-month-longs", where all you can do is drop money in through the website, and hope that the ‘Withdraw’ button will work for one more week. As of today, there are over 1.4 million Forsage accounts operating on TRX and ETH contracts in total, with constant daily dynamics.

Many point out that the money only comes from the team — so it's a scam. And can you list any offline businesses today that aren't functioning just because of the demand and people's participation in them? How long do you think McDonald's, for example, would last if all of a sudden people stopped buying food there? Maybe services without people exist? Or banks? These are the simple examples of the vast majority of businesses around us that function ONLY because we put money in there. So in most businesses and services we put money in without really getting the results we want. At Forsage, you know what you're working for and why, and every day you see positive rewards for doing so.”

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"The main thing is to remain active" — Irina Kurdyukova 

“How I decided to join Forsage

My retirement was accompanied not by joy, but by stress, both psychological and financial, sadness and apathy. I kept thinking about what to do and where to find a part-time job, because retired people are not in high demand on the labor market.

The answer was found in remote work in the Forsage community. As a bonus, I received a lot of enjoyable interaction with partners and like-minded people. I liked the Forsage platform for its convenient and clear functionality. For a detailed acquaintance with the project, I watched a video about the goals and objectives of the community. I found out that the company operates through decentralized marketing based on a smart contract. It excludes third-party intervention, so no misuse or theft is possible, and all funds are automatically distributed between the project participants.

I still had my doubts, so I started searching for more information and reviews. As a result, I trusted the system, and began to learn and work. People easily respond to an older person, they trust me more, relying on my life experience.

Forsage has had a very positive impact on my life. I have an active team and constant support from my mentors. The most important thing is not to lock yourself away, but stay active. Our digital age provides many opportunities for those who want to keep working. I am confident that with Forsage I will live the life of my dreams.”

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"The FORSAGE smart contract will work forever" — a story from Catalina

"5 ETH and 40,000 TRX" — Megha Goel shares their result

"There was nothing to lose" — Willi Gring talks openly about their journey at FORSAGE 

"You have no business there," that's what Semyon was told, but he decided to see for himself, and he didn't regret it

“So many times I've been told to “stay out of it”, “it's not your thing”, “you have no business there”. But I tried. So, what was the outcome? I learned a lot of words that I did not understand before, such as cryptocurrency, decentralization, smart contract, blockchain, and many other things. And it turned out that if you have a good understanding of it all, you can also earn money))). In fact, it makes total sense that it is necessary to study the instructions before approaching anything. Forsage is clearly trying to help. I have almost a year of experience, and I see no downsides.”

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This is just a small selection of the thousands of FORSAGE reviews that can be found online.

"Are there no negative reviews?" — you may ask. There are, and they are all similar to each other. Here's a summary of a typical negative review: "I registered yesterday, and a ton of money hasn't arrived yet. Scaaaaam!!!!!" 

No comment is needed here: those who want to get money out of nowhere, without lifting a finger, have nothing to do in FORSAGE. And if you are ready to work, create a team, learn new things and be active, then why aren't you with us yet? 

Reviews are taken from websites that are not affiliated with FORSAGE:

Note: When reading FORSAGE testimonials, you may come across the words "investment", "profit", " deposit", and so on. It is essential to be aware that the use of these words is the decision of the author of the testimonial, and is in no way based on the real concept of FORSAGE.

Please note that FORSAGE is not an investment project, but a community of people who interact with each other. All transactions occur directly between members. FORSAGE does not store participants' funds, and does not have access to them. Therefore, it is not correct to talk about the "withdrawal of funds": there is simply nothing to withdraw, since they are already in the personal wallet of the participant. Also, it is impossible to talk about the profits in the direct meaning: the incoming funds are not transferred to you by the FORSAGE platform, but by the other participant directly.

It is also impossible to "invest" funds: there is simply nowhere to invest, because the balance of the smart contract is equal to zero. All transactions ever made by FORSAGE members have been made to other members' personal wallets. It is also important to be aware that results in FORSAGE come only through the growth of your team. FORSAGE does not guarantee any passive income, and is not responsible for the decisions made by community members. 

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