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Articles: A Great Promotional Tool For Affiliate Marketing

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Many affiliate marketers, especially newbies, find it very difficult to attract new partners to their income programs. In the end, they may give up on their affiliate marketing dreams. This happens for example, if someone spends a long period of time without recruiting a single person.

📝 Why are articles great marketing tools?

Although, the truth is that an affiliate marketer should use various promotional methods, articles stand as one of the best tools for affiliate marketing. There a several reasons for that:

  • An article keeps on attracting new people to your income program, long after you have published it,
  • You can repost the same article at different platforms, thereby attracting more people. For example, you can post the article link at various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Reddit.
  • Also, an individual can repost a link at platforms such as Flipboard, Scoop it and Paperlike, among others.

💡 Unique way of reposting articles

However, when dealing with some other platforms, a writer needs to summarize the article in two to three sentences, then add the original article link and post on many other sites. If one takes a good research, he/she can find more than 300 sites to repost a single article and reaching thousands of readers with his/her effort.

However, remember that every article should have a link to the income program which someone is promoting, such as FORSAGE.

❗️ Important advice for someone using articles to advertise Forsage

When promoting FORSAGE using articles, it is not wise to put your referral link in the article. This is because, for someone to easily register at Forsage he/she needs full instructions on how to do that. Therefore, instead of putting a direct referral link, include a link to your “instruction page.”

This is the page with detailed instructions on how the person can register. For instance, it should include details on how to create and use the required wallet such as Tronlink. Ensure that all instructions are there, including your FORSAGE link.

👀 Articles can generate additional revenue for you

One interesting thing is that articles you use to promote FORSAGE with, for example, can earn you additional revenue, depending on the website where you post them. If you post these articles on paying blogging sites, you can earn from them. Or if you post them on your website, linked to Google Sense or other advertising agencies, you can earn additional income.

✍️ "I am not a good writer"

This is the most common excuse that people use to shun using articles to advertise Forsage. The simple truth is that everyone can write something meaningful. The article written for the sole purpose of advertising an income program does not necessarily need to be 100% perfect. Put down the words you can tell someone through a face to face campaign into an article. School days are over, in this regard, where a teacher would mark you for details. You are doing it for your own good.

By the way, the article should not necessarily be in a foreign language such as English or French (If they are foreign to you). Not at all, write in your native language.

Sad to say that many people believe that the audience for articles in their native languages is small. That is a myth, which you and you alone should challenge. Write in your mother tongue, and post the articles on various social platform sites which people from your country visit. Many people will read the articles.

Anyway, you are not alone to think that you cannot write in your native language. I used to think in a similar manner until someone told me that I was lost. From that time up to now, I write promotional articles in my own language as well.

⭐️ My side of the story

I am someone who depends on articles to promote FORSAGE. Like I explained earlier on, I have a specific page with clear, down to earth instructions which are practical in nature. At the end of each article, I embed a link to that page. Simple. I also include links to my particular groups on Telegram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, among others on that page.

I do it consistently and I get good results. If I can do it, I am sure you can, too. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your first draft!

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