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FORSAGE CODE. Values & Goals

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Foundation of our faith is the values we believe in.

Helping each other

We all have our unique talents, unique values. Together we execute these talents making the platform better everyday. Little by little. In every aspect. By doing that we support ourselves and other members.

Helping each other is the most important value of our community. Reciprocity in every action, every intention, every thought. Not only towards fellow members, but towards the whole world! We practice small everyday improvements and we won’t stop until we make this world a better place.

Trust and Justice

It is crucial for a human being to have a decent life. It is the Justice principle that guarantees fairness on the FORSAGE platform with its clear and fair distribution of the capital.

It is Trust embodied in smart self executing contracts, the foundation of the platform, that allows the community to rest assured about their funds, stored security in their own crypto wallets.


Least, but not the last. It is what we all want.

We acknowledge the right of every person for making their wishes come true and we make sure that everyone makes their hopes and dreams a reality.



New Technologies

It is our goal to provide the community with the latest technologies in marketing, fintech, psychology. All to grow new talent and skills among members.

Self improvement through knowledge.

Global Financial Transformation

We know that decentralization will impact global and national economies and we strive to be a vital part in this process.

Crypto Freedom

We achieve the financial freedom for the members of our community directly through the crypto mechanisms like investments, gathering funds and education.

To live, not just make a living. That is our goal.

International Academy

Knowledge is power. Power to make connections. Connections to bring funds. Funds to make your dreams come true.

We created FORSAGE International Academy to empower the community with knowledge. Knowledge to build your own successful business.

Community Growth

We know that big changes come with critical mass. It is of utmost importance to grow the FORSAGE community in number.

The bigger the community - the better.


We practice “Help yourself first. Help your fellow second”. It’s vital to not forget to bring positive change in the world, because this is what FORSAGE community is all about.

Don’t forget that charity must be smart and impactful.

Be yourself!

Never forget who you are, where you came from, where are you going.

We all have things that make us unique. Use them! Make FORSAGE better because only you can do it!

Join Forsage today to fullfill your dreams!

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