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Promote FORSAGE Using Bookmarks

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There are many ways you can promote FORSAGE depending on your capabilities and interests. An individual’s personality also determines the promotion one does.

If you promote FORSAGE through writing, here is a simple tip. It is important to use bookmark services where you simply post your links. The search engines find it very easy to pick your articles.

There are many bookmark platforms you can use. You can find them by searching 'free bookmark services'. However, they are not enough on their own.

The main reason for using these bookmarks is to get traffic or visitors to your blog or articles.


You can easily post your link on Flipboard. After a while, you can create a nicely looking blog. The good thing is that it does not take any effort.

To do so, simply visit

Then create your personal account. With that, you are ready to start posting your articles.

Click on the pencil mark shown in the picture.

You will see the space to paste your link

After that click Flip

Scoop it

You can easily input your link in

Visit the website: and create your account.

You simply input the link and click the double arrows on the green area.


You can create a good blog on Tumblr through posting links to your articles. However, to use Tumblr, you should have a Yahoo email account. With that, you go to and post your links.

Mix up

This is another website where you can easily repost your articles through links. Interestingly, this website is very easy to use.

Visit and open an account.

This is how the sit looks like. To post a link, click on the + sign. It will have a pop up allowing you to input the link. When you are done, click on Mix.


This site is also very easy to use. Open your account at

To post your link, click on the + sign.

Way forward

I have used these few examples to show you how you can bookmark your articles and get more visitors. Therefore, you can repost any article from any sources on these sites. However, there are hundreds of such sites. All you need to do is take your time and search them out online. By now, I hope that you can also easily repost your articles using links at Reddit, and LinkedIn, among others.


The point here is that you can spread your article more through bookmark services to reach many people. If you've written an article, repost it in over 30 or so sites to get many more readers. It takes much time to write an article, but when you have it done, you should find it easy to spread it all over.

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