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Sell Without Selling: The Power Of Storytelling

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After joining Forsage, most people follow the same path.

They talk with family members and friends, and "sell" Forsage. And that's not too hard, because your family members and friends know you already. As a result, you get a dozen new members, and that's great!

But what happens when your list ends? If you want to scale your business, you need to build a large and proactive team. It means that you'll need to approach people that you don't know you, and they might not trust you at first. If you approach someone who doesn't know you, and you start hard-selling Forsage, what do you think the result is? Most likely, your prospect won't trust you enough, and she or he won't join the platform.

So, what do you do? Well, you need to know how to sell without actually selling...

What's the secret? 

It's storytelling!

You need to share your backstory because you want people to see where you came from. If they can relate to where you came from, then they will want to follow you where you are now. If they see that you were once in a similar situation, then they instantly identify with you, and will follow you. Your backstory will be the "hook". If you do this correctly, you don't need to "sell" Forsage since your prospects have already been "hooked"!

But how do you create a great backstory? It's not that hard to take parts of your life and adapt them to create your backstory.