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Use Your Facebook Account To Get Targeted Leads

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Getting organic targeted leads through your Facebook Personal account is a great way to start building your team. It's FREE, and it's easy to engage with prospects. You just need to follow some basic stuff.

👉 1. Do NOT Use a Fake Profile

This is a golden rule. Never create or use a fake profile. If you do it, the majority of your prospect will notice that at some point, and you lose all the credibility. Always be yourself. Of course, try to be the better version of yourself!

👉 2. Profile Photo With Your Smiling Face

Make sure you take a quality photo of your face looking at the camera and preferably smiling. Don't use an illustration or an avatar. People will trust you more if they see a clear photo of your smiling face. Did you know that several studies show that ads that focus on human faces have higher conversion rates? So, don't reinvent the wheel.

Here's an example:

👉 3. Use a Professional Facebook Cover Image

Design or outsource the design of a 'professional' Facebook cover. If you decide to do it yourself, I recommend that you use Otherwise, you can outsource it on or You can include a photo in the image with some text or keywords that describe what you do. I prefer clean and simple, but professional designs. Make sure the profile photo doesn't cover important information on the cover image.

Here's an example: