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What is FORSAGE and how does it work

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Forsage XGOLD matrix plan, structure and rewards distribution. XGOLD structure details, frequently asked questions with cases and examples. is a Global Decentralized Community and the first marketing matrix in history with immediate reward distribution built on an Ethereum and Tron blockchain smart contracts, which makes it fully decentralised, transparent, secure and unstoppable.

FORSAGE is open to everyone in the world, easy to join and doesn’t require anything but a laptop or a smartphone with an internet connection. The platform allows members to activate and upgrade matrix plans in order to invite partners via personal link and earn rewards in ETH and TRX cryptocurrency.

Rewards from the partners are transferred immediately to the personal wallet so there are no timeouts or withdrawal periods. There are no limits on the amount of rewards earned by a single member either, the results depend solely on the activity of the member.


FORSAGE is the first-ever fully decentralised marketing mechanism that runs on the Ethereum and Tron blockchain smart-contracts, so it is absolutely fail proof, can not be shut down or stopped by anyone or altered in any way, since there is no central authority controlling it. The smart-contract is a self-executing algorithm which was once designed and deployed by a group of crypto enthusiasts and can not be changed or closed, all thanks to the power of blockchain technology. Additionally, with decentralisation comes full transparency as all the transactions are public and can be viewed online via blockchain explorer.


The FORSAGE smart-contract code is nothing more than an algorithm that processes the rewards to the partners within the matrix structure and does not store any funds itself. It is a self-executing software algorithm that performs the function of distributing partnership rewards between members of the platform while adhering to specific conditions (a matrix marketing plan). The source code of the smart-contract is public. You can find information regarding transactions via the following links:

x3 / x4 ETH -

xGold ETH - 

x3 / x4 TRX -

xGold TRX -


There are no risks in FORSAGE. It is different from all other platforms since all the interactions are processed on the blockchain by the smart-contract, and can not be altered or stopped by anyone, even by creators. A new member just needs to invite one person to recoup the initial membership expense. FORSAGE works on the basis of a smart contract. All transfers go straight to members’ personal wallets, without any hidden commissions and without using any third-party resources. This guarantees that every reward earned fully belongs to the person, and it can be used as soon as it arrives in the wallet.


The way FORSAGE works is similar, but not equal to a referral program and a partner cycling and reward distribution program, where partners have vertical alignment on the basis of referral connections that record who is higher or lower partner, i.e. who invited whom. And on top of that, there are 2 matrix plans with upgrades for higher rewards that can be developed horizontally. Basically, the rewards go from lower partners to higher in the structures, but there are some interesting mechanics that allow overtakes and spillovers, aka gifts from your non-direct partners.

There are 3 matrix plans in FORSAGE: x3, x4, and xGold, which have different logic on how the invited partners are arranged in the structure and how rewards are processed.

x3 and x4 consist of 12 slots in ETH (15 slots in TRX), where every next slot upgrade costs twice as much as the previous. x3 and x4 matrices can be upgraded independently but the slots in every matrix can be activated only one after another.

FORSAGE x3 Matrix slots activation cost schedule in ETH is the following:

FORSAGE x4 Matrix slots activation cost schedule in ETH is the following:

FORSAGE x3 Matrix slots activation cost schedule in TRX is the following:

FORSAGE x4 Matrix slots activation cost schedule in TRX is the following:

To join FORSAGE, a new member must activate the 1st slots in x3 and x4 by sending 0.05 ETH (or 200 TRX in Tron) to the smart-contract. The transaction itself constitutes the registration on the platform.

NOTE! Sending ETH requires paying Ethereum network fee for the transaction, which can be around 0.02 ETH or more additionally depending on the current ETH network gas priceCheck current gas price here

When a new member joins FORSAGE by activating the first slots in both matrices, he/she occupies the places in the slots of the higher partner matrices (his referrer) and the reward goes higher in the structure according to the matrix marketing plan. Same happens when the new member invites his/her new partners via personal link, they occupy places lower in his/her structure matrices.

For example, Mike invited Andrew, and Andrew registers by sending 0.05 ETH to the smart-contract, he will occupy 1 spot in Mike’s x3 and 1 place in x4. The smart-contract will accept the transaction and split it into two transactions of 0.025 ETH and send them as rewards to higher partners wallets according to the matrix plan.

IMPORTANT! A new member cannot register without a partner ID, it means there is always a higher partner for each member. The only ID that doesn’t have a higher partner in the system is ID 0, which is the contract creator ID. If a new member comes without a partner ID (no referral link), the system randomly assigns a partner from existing members. New partners can also enter partner ID manually before registration.

Activating the next level slot in any of the matrix plans is called Upgrade. When the member makes an upgrade activating a next slot in any matrix, he/she occupies the place in the slot of the same level of the upper partner structure.

In other words, FORSAGE can be pictured like this: a new member (YOU) activates slots in the matrices to receive rights to resell contract slots with places to new partners via personal link. When his/her new partners join and activate their slots in x3 and x4 matrices, the system puts them in the corresponding places of the member's slots with transferring the rewards for activations higher in the structure. Another great example to grasp the idea of FORSAGE is a famous board game Monopoly, where a player buys property and earns from other players once they arrive at the player’s fields.


With xGold, the cost of slots starts with 200 TRX for the first one, and then it is doubling up to slot 10. After slot 10, the values increase with the so-called Golden Ratio, also known as Fibonacci numbers – 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc. Prices for slots 10-15 are 100,000 TRX, 200,000 TRX, 300,000 TRX, 500,000 TRX, 800,000 TRX, 1,300,000 TRX.

In the xGold matrix, we have 30 places arranged in 4 lines: two in the first line, four in the second line, eight in the third, and sixteen in the fourth. Partners in your matrix may be invited by you, come by spillovers from above up to the third upline, or come by spillovers from the lower lines. Payments of two people in the first line go to your upline – the same as in x4 matrix. When it comes to the second line, you get 20% from each of the four places. With the third line, you get 30% from each of the eight places. With the fourth line, you get 50% from 16 places. Thus the total yield of one matrix circle is 1120%. That all this amount is used for an automatic repeat (recycle).

FORSAGE xGold Matrix slots activation cost schedule in ETH is the following:

FORSAGE xGold Matrix slots activation cost schedule in TRX is the following:


Because it does not make any unfulfillable promises to its members. Each person’s success depends on himself/herself. FORSAGE will remain stable even if it increases in size a thousandfold. FORSAGE does not create debts or other obligations.

FORSAGE is a Global Decentralized Community and has nothing to do with pyramid schemes. The principle of a pyramid scheme is that a large portion of the money is concentrated in the hands of its creators. The earlier you arrive, the more you earn. A financial pyramid can close at any time. Members of the FORSAGE platform, both leaders and newcomers, have equal conditions. No one can terminate the platform’s operation, since its functionality is ensured by the smart contract, which cannot be erased or altered. Even if the website ceases to function, all the data and the entire structure will remain intact, and the smart contract will continue to function, as long as there is electricity and internet access.


This article briefly describes what FORSAGE is about and how it works. Here is a summary of the most important ideas from this article to remember:

  1. FORSAGE is the first Global Decentralized Community in history built on Ethereum/Tron blockchain smart contract, so it is transparent, secure and unstoppable.
  2. FORSAGE allows its members to invite new partners via personal link and earn 100% partner rewards in ETH/TRX.
  3. FORSAGE smart-contract doesn’t store any funds itself, it only transfers the rewards within the partner structures.
  4. Rewards from partners in FORSAGE are credited immediately straight to personal wallets without any timeouts or waiting lists.
  5. There is no limit on the amount of rewards earned. The results depend only on the activity of the members themselves.

Proceed to the next tutorial to learn more about FORSAGE x3 and x4 Matrices and understand the logic on how the rewards are transferred within the structures. Click here for x3 and x4 Matrix tutorials.

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